I have re-launched our merchandise site following profitable year. Though, I have been accused by former EDL colleague John ‘Snowy’ Shaw of pocketing £160,000 from selling dodgy hoodies and burkah masks. I personally booted him out of the EDL. I vehemently denied any financial malfeasance but continued to hawk his merchandise. We will be seeing may a new range of merchandise such as Tommy Robinson mouse mats, or EDL motif pillow case covers!
It gives me the best of both worlds. I continue to cream money from the EDL merchandise sales, whilst playing politics with the tin foil hat brigade in the BFP. And tell you what this merchandise cost me nothing, but I sell it almost at the prices of designers brands. You need to create that air about the product. You need to tell people they look cool in the merchandise.

Now tell me how much would be the manufacturing cost of this stuff. This ain’t Nike of Adidas, it comes cheap and make quids!