People have often wondered that how I get out of the police dragnet every time I am arrested after getting into a brawl. Anyone who has common sense can answer this one. I help the men in blue and they help me too. Now, I am sure you would ask how I help the police. So you would ask what help the police need from me? Well blokes you would agree that we live in a complicated world, the police needs to keep check on racist groups like mine and others. The police provide me with 24×7 securities and I give them information about EDL members. It is simply symbiotic!

I have handed over nearly 600 member of the EDL to the police. Look I am doing good service, half these people are violent and into organised crime. If not arrested they would remain underground. So, honestly, I fool them and they deserve it. So, the modus operandi is; I tell police where the march is, what routes we will be taking and where to place cameras, who to arrest. In return I get police protection and financial aid. See these morons deserve it; if they are stupid enough to follow me, then I have no sympathy for them.

And I laugh at the government. Take a read at this news clipping: “The cost of policing the English Defence League’s protest and a counter demonstration by its opponents in Leicester earlier this month could rise to ££336000”. This is just one case, as you guys know there are numerous other such incidents. And guess what my picture appears everywhere. I make got to spend huge money on my publicity. Take that for a plan!

I work closely with the police and I learnt how to use the them from Paul Ray, who was ousted from the original EDL ‘inner circle’ due to an internal dispute over the whereabouts, and use, of funds gained from EDL merchandise. He accused me of using the sale of EDL to further my own pocket.

I am not used to this as I was first accused diddling the building society or petty thieving from his ‘comrades’, back in 2004, when I joined the BNP.

 Innately to begin with not myself other hardcore EDL members were disgusted by the police and clashed with police, but I single handily under the strict instructions of the police changed the propaganda. This was because I did not want to go to prison.

On 22nd November 2010, I appeared before West London Magistrates court on a charge of assaulting a police officer. It related to an incident on the 11th November when during a ‘clash’ between the EDL and some insignificant Islamic fundamentalist. I slipped the police line and jumped the dividing barrier to grab a flag from one of the opposing people. Incidentally, I jumped straight into the arms of a load of plod, who gave him a kicking’. On leaving the magistrates court a mob of second-rate press encountered me and maybe fifty supporters. I announced to the waiting dozens that I was confident of being found not guilty on the grounds that I did the ‘right thing’. Unconditional bail, on an assaulting a copper charge, for someone who has previous convicted for assaulting a copper and who reportedly has been nicked half a dozen times in 2010, a very ‘fortunate’ outcome, and this is when my relationship started with special branch.

But I was now a bit of puppet and so I was tested. Nineteen days later, 11th December, and the EDL in Peterborough, I gave speech to faithful (or at least those that could be arsed to turn up). Surrounded by the EDL ‘hardcore’ I proclaimed “We are disgusted with the behaviour of the so called fucking students…we support British police…we are your allies…we cause no harm”, adding “The British police are here to uphold democracy”, then finally after a stumbling fifteen minute, which seemed more like fifteen hour speech I concluded with the punch-line “Every English Defence League member should shake the hand of a British policeman”. The EDL ‘hardcore’ nodded sternly in agreement.

Many people say what happened in those nineteen days, from when King Tommy and my followers, were standing outside a West London court with sentiments such as “Police condone desecration of our dead” till when he and some of the very same faces, were standing on a platform in Peterborough encouraging his followers to respect the Great British bobby? People say I have shit my pants, dimwittedly only then realising that what with his previous, his legal position isn’t looking too good? Or, I become a professional grass and agent provocateur. Anyway, as long there paying me, I play there tune and the 24 protection.

I tell you what sometimes I surprise at myself with this level of manipulation and diplomacy.