“Once upon a time, people aspired to be teachers, bankers, doctors. Now they just want to be celebrities.” How does this sound folks? Well that’s the world we are in. Aren’t we? Quick money, quick fame and world is after you.

Nothing matters lads. Seriously nothing! Look at me I am I 5ft 3 inch ordinary looking guy, but I always believed I can make it big. The road we take doesn’t matter anymore. It’s what you get at the end of it. Hard work doesn’t get you anywhere; you need to be street smart. Forget honesty, it is manipulation that you need to master to make big. And as the saying goes everyone prays the rising sun.

So lads here I am the rising sun! As I was saying manipulation and fooling people is an art and me its master.

Let me tell you my story. The real me!

I did my apprenticeship in the BNP, until that that Fat B’ Nick Griffin got greedy. He’s making millions from the European Union as an MEP in the form of expenses and salaries. And blokes don’t even mention the donations he gets. Well than I thought to myself if Nick could do it why not me.

You need to understand the tricks to play them. Don’t you? Well that’s exactly what I did! His is a niche market; the white unemployed, struggling people, lottery players, people who didn’t read the small print, and the moaners. Am I right lads?

When in pubs I started to analyse and understand these people. So this is what I got: they weren’t bad lot, they hadn’t seen the world, never had a good start in life, faced enormous financial problems. But they were gullible so could be easily manipulated. And that’s what I did to these innocent solid British people.

See, if you gave them a good story they would believe you, and trust me blindly. What I understood was about white Brits working class was they are honest and expect you to be one. They don’t lie and you must also not lie. And this is where I held their pulse. This is where my manipulative nature comes handy. I can sell ice to an Eskimos!

When I was with the BNP our policy was simple divide and rule. Be racist and blame them for every trouble the country is facing. You need to say that the Asians, Blacks, Irish eat our jobs, but you need not to say that they bring huge business to our country. Propaganda man, the way Hitler used it against Jews to persecute them. Coming back to the point so what Nick basically did was he pitted one minority community with other. Simple! Blame them for all our problems. Divide and rule!

So he did a research about the minorities here. The findings showed Muslims were the best candidates to play out the divide and rule. I mean look at them they are not the educated, no one knows much about them, they are poor, have crap jobs like taxi drivers and restaurant workers, struggle financially, especially Pakistanis and Indians. They were very much like the old British working class and we could blame them for all the problems that present British working class were having.

All Nick needed was some crack jobs from the Muslims and you find them in every religion. So that wasn’t hard. When I saw Nick making millions of pounds, the manipulator in me said are you so dumb, if Nick could do it so could I!

So when I understood Nick’s magic formula, I thought to myself I can do this myself and get millions and become famous.

Lads I am young and like all young people have ambitions to be rich and famous. And let’s be honest I don’t mind the road I take to be rich and famous. People these days just want to be celebrities.

And to be one trickery is the key! Isn’t it? Come on take a look at me I am not exceptionally talented. I cannot sing, I can’t dance, I can’t act, I don’t work, have criminal record, but then I want to be famous at the same time.

So what do I do? I am street smart and this is something a lot of people don’t have, I can play on people emotions and I manipulate people and the media. Fool people and make them believe you care for them. That’s exactly what I do!