Lads in the business of manipulation you can’t trust anyone. It has to be kept in the family as there is constant fear that others may take over and push you under the rugs of oblivion. The rule is simple; once you get there through trickery never trust anyone and treat others like shit.

I was the leader but people were sussing me out, so I put my cousin in second command. So what has happened through my cousin’s presence is the business has remained in the family and no one else will benefit from this except me and my family. I mean if you start worrying about the pawns, they will never respect the king. You need to insensitive and ruthless to your workforce and enjoy the power. I mean they can never be trusted man!

And, you need to have criminals along, who have no purpose in life but just to oppress people. They are handy lads! Take a look at our strong man Richard Price, he is third in command. When things get out of hand we send him to do them and their families. I mean Price don’t give a damn, he is a convicted paedophile, one tough enforcer. He was arrested by West Midlands police back in October 2009. They seized his computer along with various other items and following analysis it was discovered he had a number of indecent images of children on his computer. They caught cocaine and crack cocaine on him as well and that’s why the court gave him three year punishment. Now honestly if this sort of guy approaches you in a lonely street won’t you shit bricks in your pants! That’s my strategy lads. No one can dare touching my empire when you have criminals like him around me.

You need to run it like hooligans do- ‘key people at key places. That’s the mantra chums!

He is one of our henchman. Honestly, with such a group around you fear is instilled automatically. This is other way of coercion!