When I was a young, I always thought of becoming famous, that this world was stomping ground, full of opportunities. I always looked at destination and not the road I take. I have never cared about who I crush on the way or whose emotions I play with. All I care is being famous and talked about.

As you guys know from Nick at the BNP I mastered at the divide and rule formula. But when I took the decision to make pounds myself, I realised that BNP already had a head start and there was no point in just following them. So I realised that I needed to be controversial. Controversy in any sphere of life gather eyeballs and that’s exactly I wanted. As they say even negative publicity is publicity after all and it is immensely fruitful when you think that public memory is short. So I realised that I needed to be controversial and bully someone who can’t answer back, you will then attract other bullies.

All famous people have stage name like Bono was Paul David, Snoop Dogg was Cordozer Broadus, Ringo Starr was Richard Starkey. You get what I mean! So I had seen this movie called ‘football factory’ and liked the character played by Danny Dyer, a Tommy Johnson, whose real name was Tommy Robinson.

So, I took his name for my stage name. Actually my real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, I mean what crap name. I used get bullied at school for the name and for being podgy, so I thought taking a good hard attractive name.

Now take a read at the following paragraph that appeared in a leading newspaper: “The MIGs, for those who don’t know, are the Luton Town football hooligan firm. It is from their infamous former leader that Tommy Robinson – real name Stephen Lennon – takes his alias. The MIGs also have links with the EDL dating back to its foundation, due to the group’s roots in football hooliganism.” Now this is what people called negative publicity, but lads who cares the newspaper in reality is adding to my popularity.

As the EDL started to gather outside Wetherspoons in Manchester's Piccadilly in greater numbers the first arrests began to happen. October 10, 2009